Our services

We provide services across a breadth of digital online, mobile and offline experiences including websites, online applications, e-commerce, social communities, mobile, consumer products, retail environments and emerging technology. We also work with non-profits and small businesses.


Customer Experience Strategy 

  • Customer Experience Roadmap: We analyze and benchmark your current customer experience, identify what's working, what's missing and create a strategy to enhance your customer experience.  Whether your customer is an internal team or external customer or partner, our expertise makes an actionable difference.


Interaction Design

  • Discovery: User requirements, user scenarios, use cases, and creative strategy.
  • User Experience: User flows, wireframes, information architecture, user interface design, navigation models and low-fidelity mockups. 
  • Visual Design: High-fidelity visual experience, and visual language that pulls the experience and brand together cohesively. Brand guidelines and design specifications.
  • Content: Content strategy, content development, navigation and all copy that reach your customers. 
  • Prototypes & Development: Prototypes to help evaluate and test a concept; responsive front-end and mobile development. 
  • Accessibility: Design to compliance of W3C and WCAG standards.  Audits and strategy for websites, web applications and software to meet standards.


User Research and Usability Studies 

  • User Research: Research identifies customer needs, behaviors and preferences to define requirements and interactive product models.
  • Usability Studies: Identify usability issues of current, beta or new products and provide recommendations to deliver top-notch usability.
  • Market Research: Valuable results in customer satisfaction, customer retention, brand experience and new market opportunities provide valuable insights.
  • Online Surveys: Design, collect and analyze customer feedback using online surveys is convenient and efficient approach way to gathering customer feedback.


Other services

  • Trusted Adviser: When you need an expert adviser to assist with any question or strategic approach to improving your strategy, design, usability, accessibility or customer experience, 
  • Small Business: We help small business with customer experience strategy, marketing, branding and website design.