Experience Design Earns Top Recognition

Founder Celeste M. Combs and teams she has worked with have earned top industry recognition.   



Business Week's IDEA Design Awards

Microsoft Intellimouse™, Microsoft Intellimouse Pro™, Microsoft Natural Keyboard™, Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad™, Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback pro™, Microsoft Precision Pro™, Microsoft Freestyle Pro™, Microsoft Actimates™ 



Design Excellence Web Awards

With a focus on usability, our team optimized the REI.com e-commerce search experience which earned several awards for excellence.


Microsoft Circle of Excellence.png

Online Services

2008 Circle of Excellence Award

Our redesign of  Microsoft's Volume Licensing Center earned 2008 Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award. This award recognized excellence in design and usability and its impact on reducing worldwide call volume support load and increased licensing revenue.  

Additional Recognition

  • Living Computer Museum: In 2017, Celeste was recognized by the museum with acceptance of her Microsoft Hardware project collection into their historical archives.  
  • IEEE Pioneering Design Award: Recognized as a Top Woman in Engineering for her contribution to the first Microsoft Intellimouse™.
  • BBC Feature Interview: In 1998, Celeste was featured in a BBC radio interview on Product Design and Usability.
  • Seattle Mover and Shaker
2017 Seattle Interactive Design Swarm Winners

2017 Seattle Interactive Design Swarm Winners