The Experience Group offers comprehensive user experience design, user research and customer experience consulting.


  Since 2002, we've made a tangible difference in the design, value and usability of over 300 products and services for our clients. As one of the most experienced design consulting firms in the country with a focus on experience design, we apply an in-depth knowledge and skills to create simple, easy-to-use experiences customers love.  

We offer customer experience strategy, user-centered design services, user research, marketing, small business and advisory services. We have built an outstanding reputation amongst clients and their customers for creating solutions that meet their goals and delight their hearts.

Our team combines the expertise of Celeste Combs, one of the top experts in design and usability and a seasoned team of interaction design, visual design and content partners.


People are the heart of the design process


Our passion and success for great customer experience is highly valued by many clients including emerging technology companies, web and mobile services, design agencies, startups, small business, consumer product, sales and customer support organizations. We've had the privilege of working with the top brands in the world.



SPeaking and training


Gifted in communication, Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Celeste M. Combs is an accomplished speaker, lecturer, coach and mentor known for her inspiring, dynamic and humorous style. 

 Learn more about her engagements and topics.